AI is a tool, not a business adversary

The history of humanity is marked by, a series of industrial revolutions that. Have radically transformed the way we live and work . In particular.Hover time, some technological innovations have raised concerns among workers, reflecting the anxieties of those who feared the replacement. Of humans by machines. Think of the Luddite movement during the early stages of the Industrial Revolution. When machines began making their way into factories, sparking fears of job loss and social upheaval.

History teaches us that these innovations.

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Have not only moved humans away from dangerous. And physically exhausting jobs .But have also opened up new horizons of opportunity . From this perspective we are today faced with a new phase of transformation: the advent of artificial Buy TG Number Data intelligence. In this context, it is crucial to consider AI not as a work adversary. But as a tool that can facilitate the way we work in unexpected ways. Too often, however, these discussions remain at a superficial level and no real examples are presented that can better understand what all this means. Concrete examples can help to have a broader vision.

Programming languages

Jquery for non-experts, is the programming language developed by browsers when loading sites. Which allows you to add logic (technically defined as client-side) to the web page. Examples of things you can do with JQuery: Make content appear when. You scroll the page Take actions based on the current date Create very advanced navigation menus Create small plugins for your CMS In particular. We wondered if Chat Wp-Admin GPT could write the JQuery code to ensure that if the editor of a site used this syntax [ref]This is bibliographic note when the page was loaded it was transformed into bibliographic notes in Wikipedia style: (superscript at.

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