An excellent commercial indicator

An explosion in requests for quotes is a precursor to increased orders and therefore to growth in turnover. If this is not an end in itself (you have to get them signed), it is still an excellent commercial indicator that will allow you to then measure the real commitment to purchase orders and therefore the rate of conversion of hot prospects into customers. In this article, we reveal our 6 secrets of the moment to generate requests for quotes. The development of your business goes through the growth of it and therefore, often,

By increasing the turnover find out how

Here) and/or the margin. Turnover may increase in value and/or volume: Value: by increasing unit prices (at constant volume) Volume: by increasing the volume SMS Gateway Taiwan of quantities sold due to cross-selling, upsell or promotions. Among the volume, you must also take into account the request for quotation. It is essential in your sales tunnel, the famous commercial “pipe” where your business opportunities are classified. Example: You know that every 4 quotes, you make a sale. Your quote-to-customer conversion rate is 1 to 4, or 25%.

Let’s assume that your average quote is

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€10,000 your monthly turnover target is €150,000, or 15 signed on average. You would therefore need to generate 60 quotes monthly to achieve your objectives. You HT Lists can then set these quote objectives with your sales representatives, by sector, by product or on such a segment. So, once the objectives have been set, how do you explode the request for quotes and transform them into purchase orders? Recommendations requests for word of mouth quotes In the age of the internet and word of mouth 2.0, getting recommendations remains the best way to make yourself known and to make proposals.

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