Candid shots of your pastor

Your church social media strategy can be as simple or as elaborate as you’re able to handle. Simply by posting a few photos or videos every week on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, or YouTube, you can reach hundreds or thousands of people you’d

otherwise never talk to

Any social content is better than no EL Salvador Mobile Number List social content. 5. Create Content Ah, but what will I post on the socials? Great question. The answer is “almost anything, because anything is better than nothing. That said, take photos! Photos of sermons. Events. Meetings. Older audiences love looking at photos, and Facebook and

Instagram scratch that

itch for them. Meanwhile, younger audiences HT Lists lean toward video, which TikTok is great for. Adjust your strategy for the audience you’re trying to attract. Behind-the-scenes shots of all of the above can be big hits as well.  preparing a sermon…the possibilities are endless.

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