This technology can be used in various industrial applications such as water desalination, enhanced oil recovery, food processing, chemical production and mineral processing. This technology is used in public utility projects, and collected solar thermal power plants can be designed in different ways, such as power tower systems, in which mirrors are placed around a central tower that acts as a receiver, or linear systems, in which rows of mirrors collect light.


 The sun is on parallel tube

receivers placed above it. Read also The largest solar energy companies in the world ADVANTAGES AND First, the advantages of generating electricity with solar panels Development continues The sector is witne Uruguay Mobile Number List ssing great development and researchers are working to raise efficiency and quality.


Saving the electricity bill After a period of introducing the solar energy system into your home, you will not depend on the government network’s electricity, but it will produce electricity in your home, and the greater the production, the greater the savings.


 Its prices decrease over timev

as technology develops, its price decreases. The price of solar photovoltaic energy has decr

eased from toby about % of its value.


Easy to install You need to save space on the roof or floor and take some necessary steps. Low mainte  HT Lists nance cost Need to be cleaned several times during the year.

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