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Much advertising Like other social networks, it is better to be interesting than interested. One of the ways to scare away your future fans is obviously to publish posts with promotional messages. Do not forget that on Instagram it is the photos that take precedence! Post content that visually hooks your personas and encourages them to follow you. Use the right hashtags instagram-followers-hashtags Hashtags are essential when posting. Indeed, the more relevant hashtags you put on your photos or videos, the better your visibility will be. However, too many hashtags kill the hashtag. Be sure to select your topics carefully. Some popular hashtags like #follow4follow, #l4l #followback will get you more likes, if that’s what you’re looking for but probably won’t get you qualified followers. In addition, you can also use geotags for your local products or services,

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Find you and near them. Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers? instagram-followers-BOTS-fake followers If there is one thing not to do on Instagram, it is to buy followers! But why ? It is true that having many followers can convey a successful brand image and encourage Bulk SMS Jordan other people to follow you. And let’s be honest, it flatters our ego as marketers… But beware, when you buy “followers” most of the time the accounts are fakes (understand: fake accounts), namely inactive accounts or bots. Know that you will not have any commitment from this type of followers. Plus, Instagram can ban you if it finds out you paid for followers!

Use Checkout to convert your followers

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Into customers instagram-followers-buy-checkout You HT Lists must have heard about the new Instagram feature “Checkout”! This feature allows users to pay directly on Instagram without leaving the app. For the moment, this application is only available in the United States and is in the test phase in about twenty companies including Adidas, Balmain or Michael Kors. Keep an eye on this feature which should be democratized quickly! Follow people who like your competitors’ pages The “following tactic” or how to target the followers you are interested in. Check out your competitors’ posts and follow people who like and comment on their posts. Some will probably become followers. Then interact with your followers, comment and like their posts.

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