He wants to sell and be as close as possible

The teams and does not become restrictive. The goal, as you have understood, is for commercial reporting to create value and a reliable monitoring and forecasting tool for all of your organization’s operational teams. When to set up commercial reporting? A sales report helps you structure your sales process and identify flaws and necessary adjustments to improve it. It must therefore be implemented as soon as possible in your organization and remain agile and scalable. Just because you have chosen X indicators does not mean that they are final. Just because you have established weekly reports does not mean that the frequency should not change if necessary and relevant. Yes, even if Maryse at ADV tells you that she has always done it that way. How to set up a commercial report?

Jean-Pierre is not an excel ace

He hasn’t been interested in TCDs and other macros for a long time. He wants to sell and be as close as possible to his customers, while saving as many resources Bulk SMS Bahrain as possible. JP is the king of efficiency. It falls well n, it is much easier today to set up commercial reporting than 20 years ago. No more excuses, hundreds of “Data Visualization” and BI (Business Intelligence) tools (see below) exist and primarily those provided by your CRM. However, Jean-Pierre and Alain his N+1 have known (or still know) the painful hours of the end of the month waiting for the extraction controlled by the IT department and the DAF. An extraction that is not always up-to-date, which mobilizes several people on low-value tasks (interrogating a database via “the grinder”…)

And which will be subject to

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Endless discussions late at night: so-and-so has not paid, so-and-so has not been visited, or X and Y have not ordered this month… What a waste of time! While with the right tools and/or a properly informed and continuously updated CRM, generating commercial reporting reports HT Lists becomes child’s play (tables, graphs, dynamic infographics, evolving curves, etc.) provided you understand what the ‘we want to analyse, when, how and why these indicators more than others. What are the essential KPIs of commercial reporting? Jean-Pierre is certainly not concerned by all the indicators of your commercial reporting. Not even Sébastien in marketing who has to prove the ROI of his actions. Indeed, the reports referred to by the marketing department are not those of the sales manager, the sales manager of such country or the sales management.


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