How ? By attracting and building a qualified audience (your personas, typical customers) By collecting information (read here from internet users or visitors to identified prospects) in order to nurture the relationship. Coupled with solid marketing tools, it will allow you to develop these prospects into hot prospects, as for the “kitchen” customer who plans to redo his bathroom. By making it progress in their purchasing cycle until they request a quote. It is a fact. Social networks have taken a prominent place in our lives and in our choices as consumers.


They are a necessary lever but not the

Only one) to generate prospects and therefore requests for quotes, provided you have a complete strategy for capturing these fans to transform them. request Bulk SMS Services in Ghana for quotes social networks When in social selling in general, if you develop a qualified network and if you share information that helps your prospects with a disinterested approach, you should without difficulty, generate appointments then blacken your quotes then your order forms . If this new way of prospecting interests you,  good habits and best practices in this area. This is the method that I use in addition to our inbound Marketing & Sales strategy for the growth of our agency. Tested, measured and approved.

You can use the lead scoring function of your

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CRM. Lead scoring consists of calculating and assigning a score or rating to each of your prospects. Giving a score, according to defined criteria, makes it possible HT Lists to identify the propensity of the prospect to be quickly transformed into an opportunity and therefore into a quote. So certainly as far as we are concerned, the volume generated by a conference in this phase is less than a recommendation or than the volume of prospects from our website, but it remains a very qualitative lever. Conversion rates are also better, making them more likely to become a customer. Business partners Call them as you see fit: business provider, partners or nearbound (declination of inbound marketing and outbound). These are qualified opportunities brought by your trusted partners, from your ecosystem. Chances are that your partners are referring to the same customers. To do this, there are three steps 1.

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