If an attacker finds an exploit

Use long passwords. Try more than 12 characters. The longer the password, the longer it takes to decrypt it. Use random passwords. Password hackers can guess millions of passwords in minutes if they contain words found on the web or in dictionaries. If your password contains real words, you should think about changing it. If your password is easy to say in words, it means it’s not strong enough. Even using a character substitution, such as replacing the letter O with the number 0, is not always sufficient. You can also find a number of useful password managers online, such as LastPass and KeePass 2 . These ingenious tools store all your passwords in an encrypte format and can easily generate random passwords with the click of a button.

The same account are very common

Password managers allow you to use strong passwords, helping to eliminate all weaker passwords. 3. Only one website per account We know that hosting multiple websites on one server can seem ideal, especially if you have an “unlimite” web hosting database plan . Unfortunately, this is one of the worst methods to secure your website. Hosting many sites in the same location creates a very favorable surface for attack. Keep in mind that attacks on all websites from. on one site, the infection can easily spread to other sites on the same server. computer virus In addition to hacking all sites at once, it also makes cleaning them much longer and more difficult. Infecte sites can continue to reinfect each other, even causing an infinite cycle.


Your websites could be re-infect

After the cleanup is successful, the biggest task is to HT Lists reset all passwords, every password associate with every website on the server must be change. This includes all File Transfer Protocol (FTP) users of CMS databases and all of their websites. If you skip this step, and start the whole problem all over again for you. 4. Personalize access This rule only applies to sites with multiple users or logins.

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