Although they are interdependent, these two terms, taken from military vocabulary, have fundamental differences. In this article, I will try to explain the differences between tactics and strategy. What is the tactic? tactical difference strategy The word tactics, which comes from the Greek taktikós, originally designates the disposition of combat troops before the battle. First, when we talk about tactics, we are more in the operational. To stay in warrior vocabulary, tactics is a bit like the theater of operations, the battlefield where feints and attack/defense by surprise or not, rub shoulders with the threat, dodging and pursuit or even counter-attack . Also, when we talk about tactics, we are generally on a short-term, even very short-term vision. To image and make concrete examples applied to the company, we can find this kind of tactical action: Rent a stand at the Salon de la Maison Manage a Facebook page by sponsoring posts and creating games

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Identifying your own needs and objectives for your website in order to visualize what you want. The more this reflection will be accomplished, the more agility you will have to know what you want and what you don’t want. What are your goals for this site creation? Do you Bulk SMS Malaysia want to: improve your notoriety? increase turnover (ie find new customers on the internet)? get started in e-commerce? improve customer satisfaction and the customer experience by meeting new expectations? acquire new prospects? reduce your cost of customer acquisition? automate and personalize the customer relationship. Answering these first questions will allow you to see more clearly about the type of project to implement for the

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Sort it out by eliminating certain service providers. Scrutinize the site of your potential service providers A website for a web designer is a bit like his business card. If its showcase site does not inspire the level of development you are looking for, it will help you in your choice. Haven’t you HT Lists ever noticed that some sites are still in Flash technology? Or the one that always surprises me, “Site under maintenance”…. for months. Not really reassuring…. We therefore come to ask ourselves a certain number of questions, not to mention “I like it or I don’t like it”: Is it a fast site? What features do they use? Is it GDPR compliant? How does it go back to the natural referencing level? Are the page links.

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