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Building an audience, collecting data and contacts, creating your blog articles and premium content, setting up your e-mailing sequences: all this takes time and effort. In the same way that you have to sow to reap, these efforts, despite the time allocated, ensure an effective digital presence and (almost) guaranteed results in the long term. B. who have set up a framework agreement between marketing and sales (a contract that defines the terms between two services), claim that their inbound marketing strategy is effective. 72% of them consider that inbound leads are of better quality. Conversely, companies without aligned teams say only 67% that their inbound marketing strategy is effective.

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ROI optimization-cost-ROI 93% of companies using inbound marketing have increased their web traffic by 25% to 50%. For 40% of them, the increase is more Bulk SMS Thailand than 75%. 85% note an increase before the 7th month. 63% of businesses also increase their sales in the first 12 months. We also observe this trend with all our customers in Reunion. And sometimes more! This is the case with one of our new clients who went from less than 100 unique visitors per month to 4,000 unique visitors in three months. A major growth strategy to increase its turnover. 2.

Controlling your expenses

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Reducing the cost of customer acquisition The customer acquisition cost (CAC) is, as its name suggests, the amount you spend to acquire a customer. It is defined by this HT Lists formula: CAC = (CM+CC)/CA CM = Total cost of marketing investments to acquire new customers CC = Total cost of sales department investments to acquire new customers CA = Number of customers acquired cost client acquisition reunion Example: if you invest: €600,000 per year to win clients and you have acquired 100, your CAC is €6,000. Inbound marketing is thus 61% less expensive than traditional advertising methods.

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