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Thank you for your publication on the difference between strategy and tactics which is very well explained. On the other hand, concerning the sporting metaphor, I am in phase with you on the strategy, but the tactic is not to win the next match, it is an objective! The tactic would rather be to define how to win it… What do you think? Sincerely, Nicholas. Thierry CALDERON 8/23/2022, 3:11:06 PM Your perspective is interesting indeed. But that’s not exactly what I wanted to talk about here. The idea of the tactic here is to always say in the metaphor “in the next match, I lock up and I take a point on the outside (because I have suspended, injured…), and

I will catch up at the next game

Sometimes when you can’t win, you have to be tactically skilled not to lose. Agence Hubspot partner france Marketing management IO certified Qualiopi Marketing Management IO 25 Rue du Butor 97400 Saint-Denis +33 6 95 53 90 60 + 262 692 629 106 Inbound marketing SMS Gateway Lithuania Inbound Marketing Digital Marketing Training SEO Agency Website creation Inbound Sales CRM Business Development Social Selling Sales training Loyalty Our Resources The MMIO blog Ebook & Case study The team Agence Hubspot France Editorial collaboration Hubspot Default HubSpot Blog Legal notices Sitemap Hubspot Diamond Partner Agency Join usmmio-logo-white The Blog Sales & Marketing Website Creation: How To Choose Your Service Provider?

Website creation how to choose your

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Service provider? Inbound Marketing Website By Cedric Mace 10 min. March 5, 2019 1 Know your own needs and objectives 2 Scrutinize the site of your potential HT Lists service providers 3 Take a look at their customers 4 What method and tool do they use? 5 Do they have customer recommendations? 6 Do they do custom or template? 7 And for the budget? Share on: That’s it! You have finally decided to launch the redesign or creation of your website. As in all trades, there are good and less good professionals. As you don’t want to be fooled by certain unscrupulous service providers, you naturally seek to make the right choice! Here are our 7 points to clarify before choosing your service provider: Know your own needs and objectives.

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