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). The made-to-measure option The second possibility is to make it made-to-measure. This solution is generally more expensive but makes it possible to best meet your request and your specifications if it is not possible via these platforms. Be careful, however, when you link to this kind of solutions, it is difficult to gain freedom following the delivery of the website. You will often have to go through the agency to make changes and/or upgrades.  Finally, the fateful question of the budget: how much “it” costs a website? There are several types of service providers, freelance webmasters, developers and other web and digital agencies listed for the creation or redesign of your website. As in all activities, there is something for all budgets. In short, 4 criteria seem important to us when quantifying the cost of a website. The quote for creating a website depends on:

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See above), e-commerce or blog, but above all the volume of work you are asking for. Of the service provider chosen, a freelancer, however gifted and competent he may be, will not charge the same service as an agency Other criteria to take into account, such as the design (a designer Bulk SMS South Africa is necessarily more expensive than a model already applied on which you will just affix your logo and your graphic charter), but also the options you want. The more you add, the more your quote will increase. For example, connections to an API, newsletter generation, a progressive profiling form, a CRM and automated marketing for your emailings. Additional costs of a website, namely the digital strategy, but also the daily management, monitoring, maintenance of your


SEO and hosting If this subject interests you

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I advise you to read our article that we wrote on this subject: How much does a website cost? In conclusion, the creation of a website is not an easy task, and it must HT Lists be carefully thought out, as for the selection of your service provider. Given the challenges of digitalization, the creation of your site represents an investment and not a cost. Several criteria are therefore to be taken into account according to your needs and objectives. When selecting, keep in mind that the habit does not make the monk.  agency that its realization will be better than a smaller structure. To find out more, you can consult our dedicated page on setting up a digital strategy or download the guide on the steps of a digital strategy for free.

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