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An episode and are engage with your content. Therefore taking advantage of subscribers can help you increase your success rate. Backlinks . Another way to measure the popularity of your podcast is to look at the websites that are linking back to your podcast. Be sure to check if these backlinks are high-quality ones as a website could be critical of the

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Offer so that people act faster . Downloads Since listeners can download a single podcast on many devices  analyze such unique  Hong Kong Phone Number Data downloads . Also look atthe number of downloads per episode so that you can get a better idea of the type of content your audience is searching for . It should be your first choice for podcast monitoring . Apply for a free trial now

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The best tools to monitor social media . Tracking mentions of keywords and podcasts across the web . Free Trial This way you can monitor HT Lists a wide range of podcasts No matter what industry you belong to .  You can monitor many podcasts including business news entertainment healthcare politics and more. There are tens of thousands of podcasts to browse through .

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