Lost in the City of Angels?

Los Angeles Area Code Guide (Mí shī zài tiān shǐ zhī chéng? Luò sī āng jī dì qū dài mǎ zhǐ nán)
Los Angeles, nicknamed the “City of Angels,” is known for its vibrant culture, diverse communities, and unique telecommunications system.

A Diverse City with Multiple

Area Codes (Yōng yǒu duō ge qū hào de duō yuán huà chéng shì)
Unlike some cities that Inbound VS Outbound Leads: Which Ones Are Better To Invest In? a single area code, Los Angeles County uses multiple area codes to accommodate its diverse population.


Covers much of downtown

Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, and carries the city’s rich history.

310 and 424: These two area codes cover the western and southwestern parts of Los Angeles County, including beach communities such as Santa Monica and Malibu, reflecting the city’s charming coastal lifestyle.

661: This area code primarily serves

Inbound VS Outbound Leads: Which Ones Are Better To Invest In?

San Fernando Valley (Shèng fèi ér nán duó gǔ), a large suburban area within Los Angeles County that caters to the city’s suburban sprawl.

818: This area code covers the eastern San Fernando Valley and some areas in northeastern Los Angeles County.


The telecommunications landscape in Los Angeles is The Process of Fermentation evolving. In November 2024, a new overlay area code, 738, will be introduced within the 213 and 323 coverage areas.

Why is Multiple Area Codes

Required? (Wèi shén me xū yào duō ge qū hào?)
The reason Los Angeles needs multiple area codes is because of its population growth. As the number of phone lines required exceeded the capacity of a single area code, new area codes were introduced to accommodate the growing demand.

Solving the Mystery:

How to Find the Correct Area Code
There are several ways to find the area code for a Los Angeles phone number:

Local Phone Books: While not as common as they once were, traditional printed phone books often list phone numbers and their corresponding area codes.

Local Knowledge:

If you’re unsure of the area code for a local business or person, ask a friend, family member, or co-worker who’s familiar with the area. They can provide valuable local insight.
Making calls within Los Angeles: Keep it simple

The convenience of making calls within

Los Angeles County is that you can omit the area code if the number you are calling has the same area code as the number. This eliminates the need to remember multiple area codes for local calls. However, if you are calling a number within Los Angeles County that has a different area code, you must include the 10-digit phone number (area code seven digits) to successfully complete the call.


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