Many training courses allow you

Green blue, they will only be useful to improve your use of Facebook for your business. A bit like the 42-page guide that we have edited and that you can download here. These e-learning modules are organized into themes such as: Increase online sales Target the right audience Manage advertisements Each module is then subdivided into “sub-lessons” Register for META training courses formation-marketing-digital-certification-facebook- blueprint These lessons also give access to certifications, and… I’ll stop with the badges. Academy for Ads – Google Skillshop In the same vein as the 72 lessons offered by Facebook.

Google also offers free training through

Its skillsshop, to build skills on Analitycs, Youtube, Waze or its online advertising tool: Google Adwords. 6 certifications of 2h30 on average (half of which are estimated to pass the tests) will allow you to pass the following certifications: The Basics of Adwords Adwords Certification for Mobile Advertising Adwords Certification Advertising on the Search Network Video Certification Bulk SMS Australia with Adwords Advertising Certification on the Display Adwords network Google Shopping certification 3 other Google certifications are currently also offered via this portal: Design of mobile sites Sales of digital solutions Google Analytics Individual Certification Modules and certifications are available HERE in French No badge on these but very beautiful

Diplomas will also be delivered to you

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training-marketing-digital-certification-adwords-bases Many training courses allow you to increase your skills in digital marketing. Some are free, more than complete HT Lists and accessible to all, like the 4 offered here, others are paid: Unow, for example, is a French startup specializing in online training which offers a catalog of various training courses (management, HR , Finance) including a module on Digital Marketing. In addition, you can also find many MOOc (Massive Open Online Course) on or on Coursera (in English). SEMrush Academy: 5 Free Classes! SEMrush, a tool that is the world leader in the world of natural referencing.

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