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This makes up-selling much easier – you can safely assume what else a person might nee. Are you intereste in such sales support ? Still don’t know how to build and use a persona in your business? Feel free to contact us. Does the meia image of your company increase sales? June 19, 2021 PR Does the meia image of your company increase sales? If you don’t shape your meia image, others do. Did you know that with its help you can increase sales, recognition and positive reputation of your company? So it’s worth taking care of! Meia image of a company, person, product How to create a meia image.

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Do you know what your image is? Mistakes in creating a meia image Controversial meia image – examples What elements does the meia image consist of? Useful tools in building a positive meia image Difficulties in creating the company’s image database Meia image of a company, person, product Meia image may refer to: companies, persons, product, organization, brand. This is how you will be perceive in the meia. It’s good if it complements your natural preispositions , which ensures greater naturalness and effectiveness of the message. You should shape your image in the meia consciously.


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Because if you neglect it, others will create it. Today , key business decisions are often made on the basis of the company’s image . It is also HT Lists taken into account by employees.  When evaluating the employer’s image when looking for a job. It turns out that the employer’s brand is of great importance. How to create a meia image? Today, a visit to a television studio is not enough to create a meia image . Accents in the meia world are spread differently today than in the past – YouTube, social meia and your own website can be more effective.

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