More agility you will have to know what you want and

For what ? Because if we carry out these actions correctly but without making the right choices, the results will be very disappointing. Hence the importance of strategy. What is the strategy? The word strategy also has military and Greek origins (strategos). In business, we talk more about “how to go about achieving the visionobstruct strategic thinking. In this case, it is common to see a succession of uncoordinated and inconsistent tactical actions, which even visible and concrete, lead to nothing, while monopolizing the resources and efforts of your troops. Conversely, a strategy remains limited if it does not have clearly established SMART objectives.

The strategist is the one who shows the course

The objective, to be achieved and advocates stability in the midst of the storm and the tactical actions of the battlefields Differences and strong ties By choosing the sporting metaphor, the tactic is therefore SMS Gateway Brunei to win the next match The strategy would be to win the championship or the European cup in 2 years In general, companies are often taken  by the short term and abandon medium/long term issues. They prefer tactics because they (over)value what is concrete and visible. Running a poster campaign is, for example, visible and concrete. But the other side of the coin ( military), is that the tactical obsession with the short term can sometimes

Our strategy for the next 24 months is to invest enough

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And sales tactics. Example:  in digital to improve the customer experience because we believe that the long-term challenges are to offer our customers an unforgettable customer experience so that they recommend us. to other prospects” Objective No. 1: transform our website into the main provider of business. Tactic 1: SEO audit Tactic 2: Google HT Lists ads to attract traffic, time to build the audience Tactic 3: write blog articles and premium content Objective N°2: Install a CRM and deploy it to commerce and marketing Tactic 1: align sales and marketing objectives Tactic 2: set up a collaboration agreement (SLA) between these 2 services Objective N°3: equip and set up a marketing automation tool this year Tactic 1:. … tactical and strategic difference We see thanks to this diagram the interdependence

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