Navigating the City of Angels’ Dialing Landscape

Los Angeles, the sprawling metropolis known as the City of Angels, boasts a vibrant culture, diverse communities, and a unique telecommunications landscape. Understanding phone codes in Los Angeles is crucial for making local calls, avoiding unnecessary charges, and ensuring successful communication.

A City with Multiple Area Codes

Unlike some cities with a single area code, Los Angeles utilizes several area codes to accommodate its massive population. As of July 2024, the following area codes are active within Los Angeles County:



Los Angeles Phone Codes:

Important Note: In November 2024, a new Exclusive Business A Guide To Achieving Success area code, 738, will be introduced within the 213 and 323 coverage areas. This means new phone numbers assigned in these areas might have the 738 prefix.

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Why Multiple Area Codes?

The need for multiple area codes in Los Angeles stems from its population growth. As the number of phone lines required exceeded the capacity of a single area code, new codes were introduced to accommodate the growing demand.

How to Determine the Correct Area Code

Finding the appropriate area code for a Los Angeles phone number can be achiev through various methods:

  • Online Resources: Websites like the North American Numbering Plan Administration or phone number lookup services can provide details about specific phone numbers, including their area code.
  • Local Directories: Traditional print phone directories often list phone numbers with their corresponding area codes.

Making Calls Within Los Angeles

When making calls within Los Angeles County, you The ingredients that guarantee business growth do not need to dial the area code as long as you’re calling a number with the same area code as your phone.

Making Calls Outside Los Angeles

For calls originating from Los Angeles County to locations outside the area, you’ll need to dial the 1 followed by the area code and the seven-digit phone number.


Understanding Los Angeles’ phone codes is essential for navigating communication within the City of Angels. By knowing the various area codes and how to use them correctly, you can ensure seamless and cost-effective phone calls.

Remember, as the city continues to grow

New area codes might be introduc. Staying updat on the latest changes can prevent any communication hiccups.

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