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A white line to start a 100m. Aligning your marketing and sales teams means first of all giving them common objectives, explaining to them the process of acquiring prospects put in place and how to deal with them, putting the customer at the center. The marketing team must provide the sales team with quality leads (ready to sign), and the sales team must recontact these leads within a certain time (a few hours in general), enter the data into the CRM, so that the marketing department can use them, including the after-sales service or customer relations part.

The solution set up a CRM that allows you to follow

the various interactions of the marketing and sales teams with Bulk SMS Hong Kong your prospects, a CRM that allows you to set up dashboards for monitoring the performance of your teams. You can also set up an SLA (Service Level Agreement) in which the marketing team commits to the quality of leads and the sales team to the lead time and quality of support.

Make sure that your account name is search-friendly

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Company name] + field of activity Here are two examples: Marketing Management IO + Inbound or DS agency + Automobiles, etc. Have you also thought about highlighting your “call-to-action” (CTA)?! Analyze your audience: who are you talking to? instagram-followers-analytics Instagram provides “Instagram Insights” for business accounts only. These stats will tell you when your fans’ engagement is highest. This will allow you to publish your post at the right time to boost engagement and gain better visibility. According to Hubspot, the best times to post on Instagram are between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. (during lunch and towards the end of the working day).

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