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SEO) and paid, has also created its online training. Beyond the certifications that allow you to master the tool, you will also find various courses on 360° digital marketing: SEO Content marketing Social networks Online advertising, in particular Google Ads (PPC) Expert training in their domain like Greg Gifford, Ross Tavendale or Bastian Grimm. Discover the SEMrush Academy here The training is certifying, you also receive a beautiful diploma at the end that you can add to your LinkedIn profile! Small flat for those who do not master the language of Shakespeare: the training is in English. Content Marketing Certification from HubSpot Content marketing is an essential lever to enhance your business. A true pillar of inbound marketing, it is based on a strategy of producing relevant content to attract prospects, transform them into customers and then retain them. In the long run, this strategy

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And answer your audience’s questions. Thus, you will position yourself as an expert, able to best meet the expectations of your personas. HubSpot’s Content Marketing Certification explains the fundamentals of content marketing and gives you the keys to building an Bulk SMS Lebanon effective strategy. It covers the following topics: Learn a content creation methodology to produce effective content on a regular basis. Create and reuse content that humans and search engines will enjoy. Become a relevant and strategic content marketer. Thanks to the videos, exercises and quizzes, you will know how to use this lever to accelerate the growth of your business

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Referencing: to you the natural referencing your SEO strategy, this training will be more than useful! Indeed, benefit from 3 hours of 100% free training on the basics HT Lists of SEO to help you increase the visibility of your website organically. The first module explains how SEMrush helps you build a solid SEO strategy and what analyzes to perform to refine your actions using the tool. In the second module, you will learn how to optimize your campaigns to gain more efficiency. And finally in the third module, you will discover how to measure and adjust your campaigns to make them even more productive! I want this SEO training BPI University: 400 online training courses! The BPI (Public Bank of In.

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