The three-day inability to sell may have a huge impact on Oriental Selection.

Before a super big IP is formed. It will inevitably encounter many twists and turns. This is also true for Oriental Selection, which wants to become “branded”. Due to violation of rules, Douyin was suspended for 3 days. But it was actually six days later that. Oriental Selection resumed airing on Douyin. During the suspension period, the undercurrent of live streaming on its own APP was still surging, and industry insiders believed that this was part of Oriental. Screening’s plan to “decouple” from Douyin. In addition to his own APP. Yu Minhong’s chess game is becoming clearer and clearer. On August 29, Oriental Selection launched its first live broadcast on Taobao.

Before the news of entering Taobao was received by Oriental Selection.

Taobao Live could no longer hold back and started building momentum in advance. On one side is punishment, on the other side is welcome, and the undercurrent TG Number List of forces from all sides never stops surging. The current trend of live broadcasting has only strengthened Dongfang. Selection’s determination to develop on multiple platforms and channels. In addition to sharing the huge traffic dividends of various platforms. Oriental Selection will not give up its ambition to gradually establish an exclusive territory. For Dongfang Selection.

The difficult point is whether to make traffic or free business decisions.

But in fact, it seems that this is not something that Dongfang Selection can make on its own. 1. Was it blocked or pressured? Let’s go back to HT Lists the incident where Dongfang Selection was suspended by Douyin. After Oriental Selection was pressed on the “sudden brake”, it immediately clarified, “It’s not that the live broadcast room of Oriental Selection was closed, but the self-operated product store of Oriental Selection was closed for a few days, so its trumpet ‘self-operated product live broadcast room’ also followed “Closed for three days.” At the same time, in the live broadcast that night, Oriental Screening CEO Sun Dongxu said, “The shutdown was very sudden. After the small yellow cart was suddenly towed. Away in the afternoon, self-operated products could not be sold for three consecutive days.

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