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clothing offers direct and immediate access to a body of knowledge necessary to guide your thoughts, challenge your interlocutors and, ultimately, consolidate your decisions. An impressive catalog that does not stop at digital marketing but also deals with finance, HR, management, legal topics, etc. Access the free catalog Investing in training and increasing the digital skills of your employees is not an option for your company, it is a strategic issue. To find out more on the subject, do not hesitate to consult our page dedicated to digital strategy or to download our free guide: The 7 steps to implement your strategy

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Don’t have that much to do, and putting their hands in the engine to create these tools doesn’t excite them any more than that. The marketing and sales teams have so Bulk SMS Oman many projects in the pipeline, that the implementation of reporting is always relayed to the background. “We will ask the CFO” is one of the most common errors. The DAF follows financial indicators, not commercial ones. Thus, to build your commercial reporting quickly and efficiently, it may be interesting to be accompanied by sales and marketing professionals who have already deployed these KPIs to their customers.

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Save time in the creation and implementation of your reporting. Their knowledge of best practices in this area will allow you to obtain state-of-the-art dashboards, to have HT Lists a good view of the health of your business. In conclusion, commercial reporting is a must for any organization. Its purpose is to measure and analyze the activity and a good number of indicators in order to be able to make decisions and guide the commercial approach. The objective is for commercial reporting to remain a reliable, shared tool that creates value for all of your entity’s operational teams. If you want to set up relevant business indicators, you can make an appointment to analyze your situation and see if we can help you.

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