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Only over the long term. That said, do not make tactics without carrying out a strategic reflection with clear, defined and shared objectives. There are many differences between tactics and strategy. If you want to know more, check out our page dedicated to business strategy or download our guide for free Nicolas JACQUOT 8/22/2022, 2:18:22 PM Hello,

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And Greek origins (strategos). In business, we talk more about “how to go about achieving the visionctions of the battlefields Differences and strong ties By choosing SMS Gateway Slovenia the  sporting metaphor. tactical and strategy difference Thanks to this diagram, we see the interdependence of strategy and tactics. This is also the precept of General Montgomery who thought that it was necessary “to make tactically possible what is strategically desirable”. Most companies only take a short-term view of situations and it is easier to focus on the short term.

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They prefer tactics because they (over)value what is concrete and visible. Running a poster campaign is, for example, visible and concrete. But  the other side HT Lists of the coin ( military), is that the tactical obsession with the short term can sometimes obstruct strategic thinking. In this case, it is common to see a succession of uncoordinated and inconsistent tactical actions, which even visible and concrete, lead to nothing, while monopolizing the resources and efforts of your troops.

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