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Much more flexible. You are therefore completely free in your choices, however know that “Instagram is not responsible. Here are some examples of contests that are very engaging: Mention one or more friends in the comments for a draw Encourage people to like the post and the candidate must say why he would be the winner Make a unique creation and the most beautiful photo(s) will be chosen (the latter is much less engaging but very qualitative because it makes it possible to generate

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Be multi-channel If your audience is on Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube, encourage them to come to your Instagram page to access additional content that is more Bulk SMS Cambodia instantaneous, more lifestyle, etc… Create a continuity of your message from one social network to another. Example: “Never miss the news in real time by following us on Instagram!” Instagram is one of the social networks that can give good results provided you know how to use it well and devote the time to it! Now that you have these few tips in hand, it’s up to you to play and succeed in increasing your “followers” on your professional account! And if you want to know more about the implementation of a digital strategy

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Networks in Reunion, consult our dedicated page or download our guide for free. I download the digital strategy guide Related articles SEO strategy 2020: 6 criteria HT Lists that you can no longer ignore Read this article How to ensure the growth of your business in 2022? Read this article 6 mistakes to make for the communication of your association Read this article Leave us a comment Agence Hubspot partner france Marketing management IO certified Qualiopi Marketing Management IO 25 Rue du Butor 97400 Saint-Denis +33 6 95 53 90 60 + 262 692 629 106 Inbound marketing Inbound Marketing Digital Marketing Training SEO Agency Website creation.

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