This certifying training revolves around

Hubspot CRM (free for life) Manage your client portfolio with digital tools Many platforms today allow you to train for free in the basics of digital marketing and modern sales. Google or Facebook, which we no longer need to present, offer certification training ranging from the basics of digital (the Internet as our parents still say), to advanced training on the various tools they offer for use. The trainings that we will detail here are free and accessible as long as you create an account (or have a valid email). The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google Digital Workshops Also called “Google For the Pros”,

This training has modules

and deals with various subjects. These will allow you to familiarize yourself very easily with all the themes that you can see on the web currently such as: The opportunities offered by the Internet today Natural referencing Help people near you to find you online (or how to ensure SMS Gateway Chile that Internet users find your address, your schedules on the Internet). is content marketing How to increase your online sales … It may seem trivial, but many concepts are simplified and almost all of the actions offered can be carried out for free. Real diploma little return to the

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baccalaureate for those nostalgic), even if it is a certification. Note Google offers a range of 28 free digital training courses, therefore “at no cost designed to HT Lists help you develop your business or career”. formation-marketing-digital-certification-google-digital-fundamentals The first 15 badges / modules Follow the training and pass the certification Inbound Marketing Certification – HubSpot Academy (and its 505 free online lessons) Ah Inbound Marketing! This so-called “attraction” marketing, whose methodology no longer holds any secrets, is one of the main acquisition levers for an organization. This certifying training revolves around 5 lessons of 3 videos each on average.

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