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The use of subsidiary brands is an excellent strategy to be able to build new relationships, deepen loyalty and inspire even greater trust in the brand. It can be use if we want even greater recognition of the main brand among representatives of a completely different target group than the one whose hearts and wallets the company has conquere so far. The sub-brand takes advantage of the popularity, good reputation and recognition of its parent brand. However, it can also be an excellent PR instrument during its image crisis.

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If a product does not meet the expectations of a specific group of recipients, it is worth remodeling the strategy of its promotion in accordance with the current nees or preferences, and forging all weaknesses into values ​​that are important for a phone number list completely different group of recipients. Disadvantages of having a sub-brand Occasionally, a sub-brand of the main brand can damage its reputation and lower the overall perceive quality of the products. This is quite often the case when the logo of an exclusive brand in a slightly change form is place on keyrings, packaging of deodorants or drinks.

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Since it is much easier for the average consumer to find numerous examples of using the logo in this low-profile context in the store, over time it is the sub-brand that begins to dominate, influencing the overall perception of the product. It will be HT Lists the other way around when the reputation of the main brand will be straine, and thus crisis management will also have to be introduce in the communication of the minor brand associate with the main one. When it comes to the situation where a sub-brand may fail in business terms, it most often happens when the sub-brand and the parent company are too far from each other to such an extent that these two concepts can be said to be mutually exclusive.

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