Unveiling the Dialing Landscape

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, pulsates with vibrant energy, diverse communities, and a unique telecommunications landscape. Unlike many cities with a single area code, navigating phone calls in Los Angeles requires understanding its multiple area codes.

A Tapestry of Area Codes

Los Angeles County boasts a vast population, necessitating a network of area codes to accommodate its residents. As of July 2024, several area codes are actively us within the county:

  • 213: This historic code, assign in 1947, covers a significant portion of downtown Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

Area Codes of Los Angeles, USA

Important Note: Be prepar for an The Epidemic Has Eased For A While, But What Should change! In November 2024, a new overlay area code, 738, will be introduc within the 213 and 323 coverage areas. This means new phone numbers assign in these areas might have the 738 prefix.

The Rationale Behind Multiple Codes

The ne for multiple area codes in Los Angeles stems from its population explosion. As the demand for phone lines outgrew the capacity of a single area code, new codes were introduced to accommodate the growing user base.

The Epidemic Has Eased For A While, But What Should

Finding the Right Area Code

Unsure about the area code for a Los Angeles phone number? Here are some helpful methods:

  • Online Resources: Websites like the North American Numbering Plan Administration and phone number lookup services can provide details about specific phone numbers, including their area code.
  • Printed Directories: Traditional printed phone directories often list phone numbers with their corresponding area codes.

Making Calls Within Los Angeles

The beauty of making calls within Los Angeles County lies in the convenience of omitting the area code, as long as you’re calling a number with the same area code as your phone.

Connecting Beyond Los Angeles Borders

For calls originating from Los Angeles County to Data synchronization to optimize your b2b marketing strategy outside the area, dialing is straightforward. Simply dial 1 followed by the area code and the seven-digit phone number.


Understanding Los Angeles’ phone codes empowers you to navigate communication within the City of Angels with ease.

With this knowledge in hand

You can confidently navigate the dialing landscape of Los Angeles and connect with anyone, anywhere.

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