What’s missing from your company’s digital marketing plan?

Understanding what is missing from a b2b digital marketing plan is often complicated, especially since generating leads, new sales opportunities, and new customers is increasingly complex today.

It is likely that the company offers a product or service that is not very interesting for the market it is targeting, or that the product or service is right, but the target is incorrect.

Usually, however, the real problem is that something is missing at the base of the strategy. In this article, we look at some signals to take to move the strategy in the right direction.

B2B Digital Marketing: How to Create a Successful Strategy

Here are 5 possible scenarios that indicate something is wrong with your b2b digital marketing plan :

you don’t understand why your company’s digital marketing plan isn’t generating leads, sales opportunities or customers
You get the feeling that those in charge of planning, executing philippines number for whatsapp and optimizing the strategy are not 100% sure of what to do and how to do it
It takes too long to launch content, campaigns and new lead generation tactics
you feel like you’re doing marketing randomly and can’t find the right strategy
You feel like you’re doing everything right but you’re not getting the results you expect
If you recognize yourself in any of these points, perhaps you should review your company marketing strategy.

We’ll look at each of these scenarios to help you figure out what to do , but before we move on, let’s first dive into why digital marketing is so complicated today.


Why is B2B digital marketing so complex today?

Today, prospects and customers are inundated with messages. Their inboxes are full of junk emails, their social media feeds are full of useless and redundant posts. And it is difficult to understand how online searches and websites work. Even the content provided by companies is not always useful.

Not only that, new privacy rules are making HT Lists it harder to connect with potential customers. And people are more reluctant to share their personal information.

If you don’t have valid connections within your target companies. It’s increasingly difficult to capture the attention of prospects , let alone get a meeting.

digital marketingProspects have much more control over the sales process than ever before and have more resources at their fingertips to learn about your company.

What worked in the past, no longer works today.

It requires a completely new strategy, a set of innovative tactics. And a revolutionized vision of how you execute campaigns and use technology.

Here’s what might be missing from your b2b company’s digital marketing. Lead generation, and demand generation strategies.

To the strategy

We often see incomplete b2b strategies, from which a compelling, captivating and engaging story emerges that is able to attract the attention of potential customers and convince them to delve deeper.

The best way to figure out if this is the problem is to visit the sites of your top three competitors and look at their site titles. If any of them look like yours, it means they are lacking a solid strategy.

Another way to understand this is to ask yourself if the company website and sales people have something to offer prospects that competitors don’t have, an added value. If the answer is no, something is wrong.

And it doesn’t end there. The lack of a solid strategy, in fact, manifests itself in many different ways.

Have you tracked your customers’ purchasing journey? Do you know every single touchpoint along the buyer journey , from the first click on the website to the signing of the sales contract? If this data is missing, the strategy is missing.

This planning work should be done before taking any marketing action. Without the underlying strategy, any action will likely be futile.

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