Why a Corporate Blog Has Become Indispensable in B2B

Ensuring your business has a solid online presence is essential today.

According to the data, there are at least 4 billion people on the Internet: a significant user base that could come into contact with the company blog.

In the article we see what are the benefits of this tool and why it is essential in the b2b market.

Read on to learn more!

The new role of the corporate blog in b2b

Today the issue is very simple: if a company cannot be found online it is as if it does not exist .

This may make us reflect on how important it is, even more so in b2b, for a company to have a consolidated online presence that also includes a company blog .

This tool can be used:

to promote products and services
to build trust with potential customers, establishing the company as a reliable source in a given area
We can identify several benefits of business blogging and let’s delve into them below.

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1. Helps drive traffic to your business website

Many companies, to increase traffic to their site, usually use tools such as sending emails to a series of contacts purchased from third parties or sponsored by paying for an ad.

However, both of these solutions are not optimal : they do not take into account long-term results and are very expensive.

Using a blog can therefore be an important saudi arabia email list resource for attracting traffic to a b2b site. Every time you create a new article, assuming correct SEO optimization, you also create a new indexing opportunity and provide Google with a clear signal about the site’s activity, a very important element for defining the ranking .

In this way, if one or more articles are positioned in the top positions on the first page of Google , the company will be perceived as a reliable source by potential customers and more conversion possibilities will arise .

2. Create a database of reusable social content

Every new content published on the blog platform is a possible new post on social media. In the case of b2b in particular Linkedin or Twitter.

This allows the social media manager not only to not have to always create new content – and consequently to have more time to focus on other activities or develop specific posts in more depth – but also to spread and make the company blog known through social channels, always keeping the company presence active on the platforms.

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3. Helps convert contacts into leads

Once you have optimized all the ways to drive traffic to your company website, it’s time to focus on an efficient lead generation campaign .

As far as the company blog is concerned, this goal is achieved by inserting specific Call To Actions into the articles that allow access to content such as ebooks, success stories, trial periods…

To better understand how blogging can help HT Lists generate leads, here are the steps an ideal visitor takes when they come across an article:

lands on the company website

see the calls to action dedicated to a specific offer
click on a CTA and are redirected to the dedicated landing page
fill in the form therein with the requested personal data
submit the form and receive the offered content

4. Increase your company reputation

The best business blogging articles are those that clearly answer potential customers’ questions.

By consistently creating and publishing informative and comprehensive content for your target audience. Your company will be perceived as an authority in your field. Increasing your credibility and ensuring that potential customers will return. When they are looking for specific information or even when they are ready to make a purchase .

Additionally, company authority – while not a measurable, reporting-friendly metric – is an important consideration when it comes to sales enablement .

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