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To attract targeted prospects, but after piqued their interest, what do you offer them? Like your page? Participate in an event ? Do product push every day? These tactical moves can certainly create emulation around your brand, but will not guarantee you recurring and uninterrupted (or even increasing) traffic. Teralta understood this and wanted to put its site at the service of its customers by u.

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On every form on a daily basis and manually send everyone what Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia they asked for, you won’t get away with it! Fortunately, many software publishers thought of you (including HubSpot), and invented marketing automation. Kecece? It’s a nice Anglicism to define a tool that allows you to set up automated scenarios. Ex: if a contact fills out such a form, send him

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Sky is the limit! Or almost. Let your imagination run free to create scenarios that will give your prospects what they want, when they want it. You manage to keep a flow HT Lists of visitors on your site, you manage to convert them into hot prospects? (ready to buy). Now we have to turn them into customers! Define a sales process aligned with marketing, to convert your prospects into customers Your marketing department has put in place everything needed to “return from the lead”. Now the complex part is to hand over to the sales team without too many losses and ensuring the best possible customer experience. That is to say, by minimizing the friction of the purchase journey.

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