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If you take the trouble to write complete, interesting articles, do not just send them to the few subscribers of your blog. Increase the reach . You can also “boost” your publications (to reach a larger audience than your fans). It is therefore possible to choose, segment your audiences, by persona, among several criteria: demographic: living in Reunion or the metropolis, men, women, over 35 years old based on their interests: DIY, decoration, landscaping, etc. activity professional.

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Publications on social networks is of course a tactical option, but fortunately it is not the only one. By optimizing your natural referencing (or SEO in the original version), you will allow search engines like Google (or Bing, Yahoo, Qwant, you never know, maybe some of you Bulk SMS Service in Sri Lanka use them) to index your different content (blog articles, resource pages, etc.). This indexing simply allows you to appear in the results when an Internet user searches for “store made to measure reunion”, “teak garden furniture“swimming pool deck” or even “terrace layout” which allow them to be positioned in pole position on these keywords and many others. Your website is a great business provider provided you attract the “good Internet users”, and bring them what they came for.

SEO social networks allow you to

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Amplify your messages. HT Lists but do you still have to have something to say in the first place, which interests your personas. Once the typical Internet users are on  the pages of your site, you must engage them, i.e. help them go from visiting to submitting a form, downloading. One of your premium content, or taking of an appointment. Invest in a tool to transform your visits into appointment requests , or have already used it, but there are a multitude of processes to transform an interested visitor into a prospect. 1. Personal data collection processes These are the famous: calls to action (also called CTAs that invite you to take an.

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