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Inbound makes it possible, via its content approach, to respond to this type of problem. You will not invest in inbound if you market sponges or plastic cups, quite simply because your prospects will not spend months thinking about their purchase by learning about expert blogs. advantages-disadvantages-inbound-marketing-reunion-adapte In conclusion, if you choose to implement an inbound marketing strategy to develop your business, you must understand that it requires specific expertise and know-how, an investment by all parties involved, and above all time before the first results are significant. But once the machine is launched, the results will be present and for a long time!


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Download our 2023 guide to inbound marketingAre you email? to solicit contacts who have never shown any interest in your brand? or worse who doesn’t appreciate it? 6. You no longer spam the whole world You have built up a database with small onions and have enriched Bulk SMS Portugal your customer files with a multitude of information: interests thanks to facebook information declarative data in your download forms behavioral data thanks to Google Analytics or Hubspot last purchases thanks to your sales tracking software (or CRM) So you have all the information to produce personalized newsletters without making the standard errors observed and to set up marketing automation campaigns.

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Your ideal customer is to deliver content that can answer questions they might have at different stages of the sales cycle. 80% of consumers get information online before HT Lists buying (IFOP) and that’s when you have to “make yourself visible” to them (blog articles, social networks, etc.) Indeed, by supporting the surfer in solving his various challenges, you will develop a relationship of trust that no other method will allow you to achieve. Inbound marketing puts the customer at the center of the process. flywheel-animated (1) 8. Inbound marketing helps marketing and sales departments work better together Some sales cycles can span weeks, months, or even years. It is therefore imperative to align the objectives of the sales and marketing teams to hope to be profitable in the long term. We then speak of Smarketin.

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