Your CRM must be able to give

The weight of a customer portfolio: number of your customers and prospects, by commercial sector The average basket per order (we also speak of average deal) The volume of order The customer satisfaction index (NPS, CSAT, etc.) The number of complaints if we are talking about customer support The cost of customer acquisition, cost per prospect or per lead, the number of leads generated by marketing sales reporting of text Commercial reporting tools Between the simple spreadsheet (Excel, Sheet, etc.) and the real business intelligence solution, there is a plethora of commercial reporting tools for: Collecting and aggregating data from several sources (via import, connector or PLC). Create practical dashboardsby presenting this data “properly” (graphs, pie charts and other histograms).

Automatically distribute these charts

Infographics and other charts in the format that suits the recipient 6.1. Commercial reporting: classic and advanced tools To choose your tool, don’t get stuck on the cost Bulk SMS Kuwait of the solution. What matters is the simplicity of use, the reliability of the data and the possibility of upgrading the whole thing easily. Myreport, Excel, Sheet, Power BI or Qlikview are some of the classic reporting tools, but you can find “more advanced” ones in terms of decision intelligence such as SSRS or Power BI from Microsoft, or even Sisense for data. And to go further, there are analysis tools on the market such as

SAP BI which offer real-time predictive

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ASnalysis or the analysis of data from multiple sources. it’s more reserved for large groups….for the moment 6.2 Sales reporting from your CRM: simple and effective HT Lists Your CRM must be able to give you all the information you need to make decisions Tools, like HubSpot CRM , the best CRM on the market according to G2 in 2022, make it possible to respond to the specificities of the company’s sales process and to evaluate the commercial performance of a sales force or of Jean-Pierre Pierre in particular. is the tool we have been using and deploying since 2015) Activate the Hubspot CRM (free for life) Build your commercial reporting with the help of professionals Implementing efficient reporting nevertheless requires time and expertise.

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